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How Many Stories can a Vacuum Elevator Travel?

vacuum elevatorPneumatic elevators are great: They're incredibly safe, reliable, virtually maintenance free, and incredibly quiet. It's no wonder why they've become so popular over the past few years! That being said, do vacuum elevators have a weakness? Do they have any limitations? Of course they do. As wonderful as pneumatic elevators are, they do have their limits. The distance they can travel is definitely one of those limitations. Keep reading to find out how high a vacuum elevator can travel.

There is a reason most pneumatic elevators are found in residential buildings: They're best used in smaller buildings because they are only able to service between two and four floors. Most will only service up to three but it all depends on the height of the ceilings in each building.

Why can't pneumatic elevators travel as high as traditional cable ones? The reason is simple… Have you ever tried to suck a liquid through an uncommonly long straw? If so, you know how difficult it can be. At a certain distance, you can't muster enough power to draw the liquid up the straw because you simply don't have enough air pressure in your lungs to draw the liquid up towards your lips. The same goes for vacuum elevators. When the pump of a pneumatic elevator reduces the air above or below the elevator car, the side with the great air pressure pushes the car. It all works perfectly when the elevator tube is only a few stories tall; however, there simply isn't enough built up pressure to push the car more than three or four stories. The car will rise as far as the pressure underneath can push it and then simply stop in place as the high pressure beneath it disperses. As more space is created more and more of that high pressure spreads the car will slowly come to a stop.

Since pneumatic elevators can only travel a maximum of four stories, commercial or other large-sized buildings must rely on cable driven elevators. If you're looking for a dependable elevator for your home or small office, a pneumatic model would be a great option; however, if you're looking for an elevator that can service a large commercial building, a cable elevator would be best. Knowing the benefits as well as limitations of each elevator model will make the most appropriate decision for you, your family, and your home or business.

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