The beauty of a panoramic view and the convenience of improved access and mobility enter a home with Vision elevators. Provided by Nationwide Lifts, America’s Leader in Home Elevators, Vision systems fuse function and style. The versatile glass appearance compliments rather than overwhelms a space, while larger systems efficiently bring wheelchair accessibility to homes and commercial buildings. Compact designs no greater than 58 inches across allow for increased independence in even the most limited of places.


Vision elevators operate with either pneumatic vacuum or cable systems. Air pressure lifts the cab for the former mechanism, which features turbines at the top of the tube to draw out air. This moves the cab upward, and for going down, the turbines shut off. Once a floor or level is reached, steel brakes secure the cab to the landing.

Cable elevators feature a motor and drum unit situated at the top of the shaft. Two cables connect drums to the cab. The drum winds to lift the cab and spools out to lower, while a variable frequency drive powers the motor to smoothly control the operating speed.


Beyond mechanisms and attention-grabbing appearances, Vision elevators equip a home or commercial building with several practical features. Adding one to a structure provides increased mobility between floors, as well as wheelchair accessibility with larger systems. Attractive but not conspicuous, Vision glass elevators are compact and economical, as small as 30 inches in diameter but capable of lifting 350 to 830 pounds over two to five floors.

Minimal installation is an additional asset of our Vision elevators. The costs of constructing a machine room, hoistway, and pit are not factored into a project. Instead, all systems simply attach to a balcony or pass through hole cut into the floor. To get started on expanding independence inside your home with a Vision glass elevator, contact us today for more information or to get a quote.


Glass elevators add functionality as well as style to the home or business. These elevators are a center point for attention; a conversation piece, a work of art. The clear panel construction prevents these elevators from overwhelming a room. Rather, they compliment the space. Riding in these elevators is a treat. The 360 degree view is exciting.

Glass elevators are available with 2 different types of lifting mechanisms: Pneumatic and Cable. These lifting types are explained in greater detail to the right.


Pneumatic vacuum elevators operate by utilizing air pressure to lift the cab. The cab has a vacuum seal built into the ceiling. Turbines at the top of the tube, draw air out of the tube above the cab and pull the cab upward. When the cab reaches the designated level, steel brakes secure the cab to the landing. In the down direction, the turbines turn on for a brief second, lifting the cab off the brakes. When the turbines turn off the cab drifts down slowly and quietly. Once it reaches the designated level, steel brakes engage once again.

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Cable drive elevators incorporate a motor and drum unit into the top of the elevator shaft. Two cables connect the drums to the cab. The drums wind up the cable to raise the cab and spool out cable to lower the cab. The motor that is turning the drum units is controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD) whish has the ability to closely control the speed of the operation. The VFD can ramp the speed up from 0 to full speed in a very smooth motion. Ramping down to a stop is just as smooth.

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– Cable Driven
-744 lb capacity
-48″ Octagonal
-Wheelchair accessible
-No pit required
-No machine room
-Residential: 5 Stops
-Commercial: 2 Stops

The Visi-48 is an elevator that…continue reading


– Cable Driven
-830 lb capacity
-58″ diameter
-Wheelchair accessible
-No pit required
-No machine room
-Residential: 5 Stops
-Commercial: 2 Stops

The Visi-58 is an elevator that…continue reading


– America’s Best Warranty
-Selection of Products
-24/7 Live Phone Support
-Adds Mobility
-Attractive Designs
-Compact & Economical
-Minimal Installation


America's Best Warranty

For all Vision Elevator's products, mechanical parts are backed by a 10-year warranty, electrical by a three-year warranty, and labour for a one-year warranty. Our support far surpasses competitors', who offer one- to three-year warranties at best.

24/7 Live Phone Support

For addressing these needs, Vision Elevators offers America's Best Warranty and 24/7 telephone support. Customers can reach us at any time for answers to questions, and parts and maintenance are supported by one of the most extensive warranties in the industry.

Selection of Products

Our product selection makes us truly stand out. From increasing accessibility options to decreasing injury hazards, our systems improve functionality within your residential or commercial building. Customized features allow each product to blend perfectly in with your property, and installation of all systems is completed in a timely manner.


We often refer to Vision Elevators as ‘glass elevators’ but in fact the clear panels are made of clear polycarbonate. The term glass is used for quick recognition of the type of elevator. If you want your elevator constructed of true glass, please discuss with your sales representative. This can be done with some models. Please understand that this adds considerable cost to the elevator.