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pneumatic elevatorThe residential pneumatic vacuum elevator may be a little challenging for a homeowner to look at the first time. While the hoist way is translucent and there are clearly no cables supporting the elevator cab, making the lift look conspicuously like something out of a Hollywood design studio, in fact, these new lifts operate on a variety of newly advanced levitation principles.

Pneumatic elevators operate entirely according to the simplest laws of physics: The difference in air pressure above and beneath the cab safely raises and lowers it onto a soft bed of air. Although they might look risky, these revolutionary lifts are unquestionably safe for use in commercial buildings along with residences. In the case of a power outage, the elevator car automatically stops and locks on the next floor.

Residential pneumatic vacuum elevators are some of the easiest and most cost-effective lifts that can be installed in a new home. They are less expensive and more installation-friendly for new homes than any other type of elevator. They require less work to install than the more traditional lifts that needed a deep pit along with steel cables.

While installing one of these elevators might be daunting at first, in reality, more and more contemporary homeowners are electing to have a residential pneumatic vacuum elevator built. General contractors, lift designers, and thousands upon thousands of homeowners have enjoyed the experience of installing a new elevator into their homes.

Residential pneumatic vacuum elevators will improve the quality of life for the residents of the home while at the same time improving the resale value. An investment in one of these revolutionary elevators is a sound one.

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