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/// Glass Recycling Facts

By Andy Darnley

It's easier than ever for families to do their part to preserve the environment. Recycling is a popular way for kids and adults to help prevent certain environmental issues. One of the most commonly recycled items is glass. Glass is manufactured and used in countless ways by businesses and families: Glass and glass products are everywhere! A person only has to look around their home to see that glass is used to make many of the things that they need, use, and take for granted on a daily basis, from bottles to light bulbs and so much more. It can be hard to imagine that glass can be bad, but when it's wasted, that causes a number of problems that ultimately affect the environment.

Glass products can easily be thrown out, but when that happens, more of it has to be made. Making glasses uses natural materials and energy. By recycling glass, families are helping to conserve these resources. When people throw glass away, it also ends up in landfills that are already overflowing with garbage. Recycling helps to prevent this waste of land from happening.

Fortunately, recycling glass is simple, and it's encouraged and even required in many communities. People can recycle in provided bins or find facilities in or near their cities that will accept clean glass. Kids can often get their parents to recycle by helping them to understand why it is important and how it benefits the environment. It's also important for families to understand what items can be recycled and how to recycle so they can do their part to protect the planet.

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